Life without Borders™?


so i just found out that this ‘print-based-media’ store is totally broke-a$$. did u know they still even made print-based books?
have u ever bought an actual ‘physical’ book? or are u just a ‘Kindling’ (via being a ‘kindle-worm’)?

according to this rlly informative financially-focused article Borders had problems with a lack of capitalization in its books and had a ‘lack of liquids’ in it’s business lunches and suffers from ‘acute stockmarket dehydration’:

““Borders Group does not have the capital resources it needs to be a viable competitor,” President Mike Edwards said. He placed the blame primarily on lower customer spending and lack of liquidity.”

seems that medical book readers from the anti-borders h8 group ‘Doctors w/o Borders’ were very instrumental in the Borders™ downfall.

“h8 u Borders. we only read kindle-based books!” – an angry Dr. w/o boarding in his life

the article says that Borders™ should have embraced web-based e-commerce tools like spamming/phishing/fishing/fisting/malware/torrents/sexts/facebook/googlewave/pr0nographic cam shows sooner.

i guess Borders failed 2 realize the power of ‘electronic-media’ soon enough. maybe it’s run by a bunch of ‘old ppl’ who still ‘write letters’/buy CDs/use outhouses/are amish?
(the ceos of Borders™ feelin’ rlly bored at an e-book webinar)

r u sad abt borders? 😦
do u belong to a ‘book club’? do they still have the Michelle Obama ‘book-it’ Pizza The Hut program 4 kids to earn tons of healthy pizza fat/calories if they read books?
wat is ur fav book?
r u an author and ur worried abt the book-revenue-model ‘goin down the sh!tter’???
have u ever burned a book 4 god/protest/fun/warmth/2get high?

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