#WarGames: r u ready 4 the impending Cyber War?!?!!?

link: http://www.newsfactor.com/news/U-S–Is-Preparing-Cyberwar-Strategy/story.xhtml?story_id=100003G5WUSG

just saw this article. full disclosure: i didn’t rlly actually ‘read it’ since it seemed too _____.
but i’m thinking that the G.I. Joe bros who run the military/pentagon/salvation army are trying to stay rlvnt and keep up with the times. they want to move warfare into a 2.0 version. this ‘new warfare style’ will prolly be along the lines of the movie Tron or Terminator 2 or The Kids Are Alright.

do u think years spend ‘honing’ ur skills on playstation/xbox/iphone/twitter has prepared u to be a true ‘cyber warrior’?

have u ever ‘hacked’ a terrorist with some rlly 1337 computer code 2 save america?

it truly is ‘Our world 2.0′ out there bros. tech evolves at rlly fast. before u know it the government will be ‘illegally’ downloading ur soul into a ‘borg’ 2 fight in the upcoming Cyber War.

r u ready to become ‘electric’? are u ready to ‘rock down 2 electric avenue’?
are u worried the price of ur ‘data’ plan is gonna go ‘thru the roof’ when u have to start using ur smartphone as a weapon to combat threats to american freedom?

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