Steve Jobs’ “i-dosing” drug lab EXPLODES! His house is destroyed! Jobs is M.I.A.!! OMG!!


steve jobs is sum old geeksquad™ bro who made apple computers, ipods, ipads, iphones, and roombas. BUT NOW it has been learned that his main revenue stream was in the illicit ‘i-dosing’ market. it seems that mr. jobs had a major ‘i-dosing’ lab set up in his woodside, california home & he was cranking out tons & tons of i-dosing tracks everyday!! creating ‘i-doses’ although totally illegal can be very profitable but as we see in this situation it is a dangerous endeavor and one that can sometime ‘backfire’ and blow ur effin’ house up!

here’s an exclusive pic of what the steve jobs i-dosing lab prolly looked like after the explosion:

‘i-dosing’ is rlly tearing america apart. 4 years the DEA/CIA/FCC/CNN have been waging war against these digital drugs. a big problem in their investigations was that they had no idea who was making these ‘lethal’ i-doses but now after this tragedy they know it is Steve Jobs who was the ‘i-dosing’ mastermind. steve was no where to be seen when his house blew up and so if u see him please call the apple care hotline at 1-800-275-2273.

do u have an idosing problem? can u quit idosing anytime u want(but not rlly via addiction)?
have u ever idosed while pregnant/driving/praying/’on tha shitter’/during ‘home room’/at the Apple Store?

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