#WhenHatersAttack: ppl rlly h8 musician Scott Walkers new album!

link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-best-protest-signs-at-the-wisconsin-capitol

so Scott Walker is like a ‘respected’ elder bro in the music scene. he hails from the UK but i guess he was having a concert/record release party in Wisconsin or something bc all these h8rs showed up and we’re like ‘u suck’/’don’t quit ur day job’/’up yours bro’/’eat a dic’/’You’re Fired!’/’hug it out bitch’.

(full disclaimer: i actually enjoy scott walkers music on a personal level 4realz yall)
that’s why i was like what the eff is up with all these h8rs??
don’t they know scott walker is kewl?
he even got voted BestNewMusical for his album The Tokyo Drift on the influential tastemaking website peachforks.com

so it’s rlly messed up yall at how much people h8 him now.
just look at some of these ppl from the article:

this chick thinks scotty walker is a little bitch & is threatening to ‘butrape’/’packers his fudge’ him

this old person want’s to re-record scott walkers album and add tons of cowbell and turn the ‘scott walker’ knob waaaayyy down in the ‘mix’

this bro caught a bad case of walker syndrome from scott walker and now he’s rlly pissed

these mnstrm teens are like ‘don’t put your ___ up my ___ . i’m not of ‘legal’ age yet!’ & ‘You’re not my real DAD scott walker!!! i h8 u!’

have u heard his new record? did it make u want to make a cardboard ‘h8 speech’ sign?

rlly worried about Scottie Walkies. sad abt all this h8 in the music industry these days.
has the ‘sun set’ on scott walkerz career?

do u think the sun aint gonna be shine no more 4 scott walkers??



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