It’s a Girl! Mark Zuckerberg is the now the proud papa of little Facebook jr!


congratulations are in order for Facemash creator Mark Zuckerberg. It seems he has fathered an ‘illegitimate’ child while he was over in Egypt starting riots against Count Mubarak.

Zuckerberg has been a total ‘chick magnet’ since he ‘started the facebook’ & became $$hood rich$$. so it was only a matter of time b4 he knocked up 1 of his many facebook groupies. this time it seems 2 have been an egyptian woman.

according to this article the Zuckyberg’s ‘baby mama’ has decided to name the child Facebook after her father:

“Looking for a name for their newborn daughter that celebrated the recent events in Egypt, an Alexandria couple skipped calling her “Tahrir Square” for something a little more trendy — Facebook.

Baby Facebook’s father, Jamal Ibrahim, told Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper that he “wanted to express his gratitude about the victories the youth of January 25 have achieved and chose to express it in the form of naming his firstborn girl,” according to a translation by the blog TechCrunch.

i guess it’s sort of how will smith named his son willow smith and had her star in the will smith biopic:’the karate kids’.
i wonder if little Facebook jr. will star in The Social Network 2.

egyptians like mark zuckerberg have a long history of making babies that dates back to egytian times. Ramesses II aka as Ramesses the Great who lived like 100 years ago is believed to have had like over 50 sons and 50 daughters* (*note: it is not yet known if any of Ramesses daughters were named Facebook).

is naming ur baby after ur successful tech/web company gonna be a new trend?
like how steve jobs and gwyneth paltrow-jobs named their daughter Applestore Paltrow-Jobs?

would u date a chick named facebook/youtube/google/palmpilot/qwyneth/will smith?
r u rlly jelly of the woman who got knocked up by mark zuckyberg? do u wish u could have a bb with markie so u would get tons of ‘facebook dollars’ to spend on ur farmville account?

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